GROW price prediction

Growing.fi is a portfolio management tool on the Binance Smart Chain. It includes a dashboard for tracking your portfolio and multiple farms for earning yields on your holdings.

The central piece of Growing ecosystem is the GROW token (you can buy it on LP-Swap). Its current price is Loading.... We predict it to be Loading... in 1 month. Keep reading to learn why.

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GROW utilities

The fundamental value of GROW token is determined by its utilities.

1. Unlocking dashboard features. If you are PRO (i.e. you hold 1 GROW), you unlock premium dashboard features such as the chart of the evolution of your portfolio through time.

2. Sharing farms profit. When withdrawing from Growing farms, 30% of profit is redistributed to GROW stakers.

3. Incentiving farms usage. GROW rewards are distributed when you deposit and stake in Growing farms. If you are PRO (i.e. you hold 1 GROW), you get more GROW rewards.

GROW supply evolution

Because price=market captotal supply\text{price} = \frac{\text{market cap}}{\text{total supply}}, it is key to understand how the supply of GROW evolves.

1. Deposit bonus

If a Growing farm has a 1x deposit bonus multiplier: for every 1 BNB equivalent value deposited, 0.01 GROW is minted and rewarded as deposit bonus. Deposit bonus are locked for 3 days.

If you are PRO (i.e. you hold 1 GROW), you get 30% more deposit bonus.

Deposit bonus calculator

2. Staking rewards

Each week, 1000 GROW are minted and rewarded to stakers as staking rewards.

3. Profit rewards

If you stake in a Growing farm (e.g. Growing CAKE) and claim your yield profit (CAKE):

  • 30% of your yield profit is converted to BNB and redistributed to GROW staking pool.
  • For each 1 BNB of profit redistributed, 3 GROW are minted and sent to you as profit rewards.

If you are PRO (i.e. you hold 1 GROW), you get 50% more profit rewards.

Profit calculator
Yield profit

4. Dev fund

For every newly minted GROW token, another 0.1 GROW is minted for Dev Fund.

GROW price prediction

1. TVL prediction

We first predict Total Value Locked (TVL) on which will depend our prediction of Market Capitalization (MC) and GROW supply.

Growing has currently Loading... of TVL. As a comparison, the top 3 yield optimizers (Autofarm, Beefy, PancakeBunny) have TVLs between $500M and $2B.

Currently, Growing has only 4 not-audited farms, yet they succeeded to have a TVL of Loading.... This is likely because:

  1. All their 4 farms (CAKE, BANANA, BNB, BUSD) offer highest yields on BSC.
  2. The deposit bonus incentivises to use Growing farms.
  3. Without being audited yet, they gained trust by extensively testing their smart contracts during a test phase, being very present in their Telegram and offering bug bounty rewards.

As they are going to add new farms and to be audited by Certik soon, we believe the TVL of Growing could go to $100M in 1 month.

2. MC prediction

GROW has currently a Market Capitalization (MC) of Loading.... As a comparison, the MCs of the tokens of the top 3 yield optimizers (AUTO, BIFI, BUNNY) are between 75M$ and 200M$.

There are currently 3 reasons to buy GROW:

  1. to get access to Growing's dashboard premium features,
  2. to get bigger deposit and farming rewards,
  3. to earn 30% of Growing farms profit.

We believe this last reason will be the one driving the MC up.

Assuming (i) Growing has $100M of TVL and (ii) the average daily yield accross farms is 0.2%, then $0.2M of profit will be redistributed to GROW stakers each day. If GROW MC stays at Loading... and all GROW are staked, then GROW stakers would earn a daily yield of Loading....

Such a high yield will incite people to buy GROW. GROW MC will then increase and GROW daily yield will decrease. We believe an equilibrium would be found when GROW daily yield will be 0.7%.

Therefore, for (i) $100M of TVL, (ii) 0.2% of average daily yield and (iii) 0.7% of GROW daily yield, GROW MC would be $29M

in 1 month.

3. GROW supply prediction

GROW has currently a total supply of Loading....

There are 4 sources of GROW emission:

  1. Deposit bonus. In 1 month, Loading... GROW will be emitted, assuming (i) an average 1x bonus multiplier, (ii) Loading... of capital deposited in 1 month to reach $100M, (iii) all users are PRO, (iv) BNB price stays constant.
  2. Staking rewards. In 1 month, 4286 GROW will be emitted.
  3. Profit rewards. In 1 month, Loading... GROW will be emitted, assuming (i) an average Loading... TVL during the month, (ii) an average 0.2% daily yield, (iii) all users are PRO, (iv) BNB price stays constant.
  4. Dev fund. For each minted GROW token, another 0.1 GROW is minted for Dev Fund.

During the next month, at most Loading... GROW should be emitted. So the total supply in 1 month should be at most Loading... GROW.

4. GROW price prediction

We predict GROW price to be Loading... in 1 month.